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Lambdaprint, 30cm x 116 cm, facemounted on acrylic, 2013

This panoramic photo depicts four adolescents in the forest of the Parc de Mont Royal in Montreal, Canada.
I was utilizing the park’s scenery with traces of habitation, a fire pit and litter, to use as an environment of decay and adventure to reflect an adolescent’s physio-psychological state of change from childhood to adulthood, her/his confusion and anxiety, and search for acceptance and belonging.
Something is going on between the four in a scene that is partly obscured by tree branches; one is holding a mirror to blind the photographer/viewer, one is holding a ninja star, another a rope. Those objects could be used for play, but also for violent actions. The viewer becomes like a passerby witnessing a situation between people that might be harmless but bears indications to be escalating.
The small size of the photograph with its many details in a landscape format refers to baroque (sometimes) allegorical paintings.