Der ausgeräumte Traum  
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(The emptied dream)

2 slide projections and little children sand shapes spread on the sandy ground.

Detail of an installation in a construction site of a future theatre, which was demolishes before being completed . Potsdam, Germany, 1991.

Der ausgeräumte Traum-Zukunft    

(The emptied dream - future)

3 slide projections (groundfloor of a prison for juvenile delinquents - fairy tale by Ida Fichte from 1895 - children photos), scaled down children beds (15 x 100 x 50 cm), writing in black window "Der ausgeräumte Traum". 1991
Angel Dust    
  2 slide projections onto the wall, each one 3 m in height (a man and a woman covered with bandages, curtains, sheets), table on wheels, 1993.