I am pleased to announce the recent video Displaced being selected for the dance film festival dança em foco (dance in focus) in Brazil.

People fall into water. Seen from underneath the surface of a lake, those men and women, fully dressed in office attire, move around trying to find orientation, while following and bumping into each other. Thrown into this involuntary situation, their movements are at times softly flowing, elegant and caring, but change in the next moment into fighting against each other and for air. They are submerged in an environment which is removed from our daily reality associating sparkling fairy-tale dreams and horrible visions of drowning at the same time.
Video, 4K, 7 minutes 14 seconds, 2020


During a residency in March 2020 at DAÏMÔN in Gatineau, Canada, I worked in collaboration with Japanese composer Haruka Hirayama to develop the interactive project People in the Dunes II using motion sensors (cell phones) on dancers whose movements create, trigger and change sounds, music and spoken words. Their movements can as well stop it and motionlessness creates silence.

Click on the following titles to watch the video documentation on Vimeo

First movement - Waves

Second movement - Her, Him, Them

Third movement - Please remain seated (for the entire performance)

Forth movement – In Between Self and Other

Fifth movement – Human (Under) Ground