Idle (former title Parked)  
Honda Civic   Toyota Corolla (2009)
Jeep Cherokee Sport   Suzuki Vitara


Ford Escort   Ford Focus
Mazda Protegé   Toyota Corolla (2003)

Each print, Lambdaflex, 56 cm x 75 cm (20” x 30”), facemounted to acrylic, 2011

For the series of 8 photos I photographed people who are sitting and waiting in a car. The photos are taken from the front of the car through the windshield at night.
I was interested in the closed space of the car, which is like a bubble, providing a private, intimate space in the public space of a street, visible for anyone who passes by.
The car provides a closed environment that gives a tight space to a maximum of 5 people, whereas the concept of a car is to travel large spaces and distances. 
A person waiting in a parked or halted car seems to contradict the purpose of a car of moving, it is a paradox. It could also be seen as a metaphor of our usual everyday movements in constraint circumferences and our limited freedom to go anywhere both in a physical and psychological sense.