Silent Office
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Silent Office
Video, HD, 9:37, 2018
Dancers: Mitsuko Aoki, Keke, Tomohiko Kyogoku, Asako Kurematsu , Yoko Sakurai, Nana Suzuki
Music composition: Dylan Lardelli

This video depicts a clean and empty storefront space that seems to be devoid of function except for storing many chairs. 6 people are present and start interacting in this environment. Their actions and movements are sometimes parallel and independent or imitating each other, then intersecting by cros-sing their ways in physical proximity while expressing isolation, indifference, ignorance or suffering.

Experimentally developed, this video merges elements of butoh, contemporary dance and theatre.

This video was created with support of the Tokyo Wonder Site and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec during a residency.