Twist - Picnic - Irohanihoheto
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Twist, HD, 7:50 min., 2016, with Tomohiko Kyogoku
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Picnic (Japanese version of Freitod) , HD, 2016, with Asako Kurematsu, Keke, Yoko Sakurai
Irohanihoheto I - All Colours will Fade (MindBody), HD, 1:18 min., 2016, with Saori Hara
Irowanihoheto II - All Colours will Fade (BodyMind), HD, 1:57 min., 2016, with Takao Kawaguchi

Hoffmann studied both the practical and the theoretical aspects of Butoh in Tokyo, and then expanded her studies into poetry (in particular Iroha, an ancient Japanese pangram and isogram), Buddhism, and the view of all life as transient. Based on these studies, she repeatedly rehearsed with Japanese Butoh and contemporary dancers, and created video works.

The videos were created with support from the Tokyo Wonder Site and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec during a residency in Tokyo in 2016.